Course Description

In the final module, you’ll learn about the last syllable type, the consonant-le syllable. You will teach your student all about castles, puzzles and bubbles, or at least how to read and spell those words!

CEO and Senior Instructor

Sara Dorken

Sara is a passionate tutor and online trainer who specializes in using the Orton-Gillingham (OG) approach while working with students with Dyslexia and any other learning differences. She has trained in many OG-based programs and has been certified to teach the OG approach from the Dyslexia Training Institute based out of the University of San Diego. Sara has helped develop the aardvark program and has made it unique by using her extensive background in sport and physical activity (M.A. Human Kinetics) to integrate movement in order to build physical literacy and traditional literacy in struggling students.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module Outline

    • What You'll Learn

    • Course Guide

    • Lesson Sequence

  • 2

    Module Sounds and Rules

    • Lesson 1 - Consonant-le Syllable

    • Lesson 2 - Double Consonant

    • Lesson 3 - Fickle Pickle

    • Lesson 5 - Suffix 's' and 'es'

    • Lesson 6 - Suffix 'ed'

    • Lesson 7 - Suffix 'ing'

    • Lesson 8 - Prefixes

    • Lesson 9 - Castle

    • Printables

  • 3


    • Activity Lists

  • 4

    Lesson Plans

    • Intro Lessons

    • Rule Lessons

    • Multi-Syllable Lessons

    • Word Structure Lessons

    • Exception Lessons

  • 5

    Module 8 - Exam

    • Module 8 - Exam