Want to help a dyslexic student? Help is here. Let’s get started.

Pay up front price of $1239.00 USD

This bundle of 9 courses will train you in an Orton-Gillingham based reading and spelling program. Once completed, you will have the background knowledge and lesson plans to begin helping students who struggle to read and spell. PLUS! We've made a fantastic partnership with the Adrianne Meldrum of the Tutor Coach. This means that Aardvark Certified Tutors get the Profitable Tutor Framework made by the Tutor Coach for FREE ($237 USD Value!!!) with their enrolment! How great is that?! The Profitable Tutor Framework is an online course and business in a box, tailored to your specific needs as a tutor. You’ll be able to take a student with confidence, find ways to get more students, and make sure you’re charging enough for your work.

Check out the webinar recording (linked at the bottom of this page) where Sara from Aarken Tutoring and Adrianne from the Tutor Coach discuss working with dyslexic students and what you will get within the Aardvark training and within the Profitable Tutor Framework!

I’ve seen these students, we all have. It might be someone you’ve taught in the past, are teaching now or they may even be your child. They’re smart, they try as hard (or harder) than most students, but no matter what, and despite all odds, they just can’t get reading and spelling. Not the way it’s taught at school and not the way most tutors teach. They get frustrated, they may shut down or act out but ultimately, after so many failed attempts, they give up. They assume something is wrong with them and that they will never be able to read and write like their peers.

These students are dyslexic or have another type of learning difference and need a special kind of program to help. You want to help, but you’re not sure how. 

With this course you’ll learn how to change the lives of struggling students, and you’ll learn how to make money while doing it. If you don’t take action to help these students, or your child, they will struggle with reading and spelling for their entire lives.

With AARDVARK you can:

Finally know how to help dyslexic students

Make a real difference in someone’s life

Upgrade your teaching resume

Start your own at-home specialty tutoring business

Learn the Orton-Gillingham approach for an affordable price

Receive over 150 ready to use lessons for students of all ages

Access to controlled readers

Receive unprecedented support from Aarken Tutoring Inc. We want you to succeed!

Get FREE enrolment in the Profitable Tutor Framework!

The Aardvark Tutor Package is the full package that will take you from someone who is interested in helping someone with dyslexia, to someone who CAN help someone with dyslexia learn how to read and spell.

What people are saying about the Aardvark Tutor Package:

Intro to aardvark will set you up with all of the background information that you will need before you can start Module 1.

You will get the foundation knowledge upon which you can build your Orton-Gillingham knowledge and move forward with lesson plans for your students.

Module 1 – This is aardvark’s first Orton-Gillingham based module. Here we will teach you each skill that you will need to use with your student within Module 1 of the aardvark program. You will also get all of the lesson plans, word lists and extras that you will be using with your students. This is the course that will get you started working with your student.

Module 2 – This module introduces you to the first syllable type, the closed syllable. You will get the knowledge as well as the lessons and the materials needed to move your students ahead in their OG learning. After completing this module you will be able to confidently teach about the first of 7 syllable types.

Module 3 – Building on what you’ve learned in the first few courses, you’ll get to know the open syllable. This will answer some questions about why vowels make one sound in some words and another in different words. You’ll again be getting all of the lessons and extras you’ll need!

Module 4– What is that silent ‘e’ at the end of so many English words? You’ll learn about that in this module and all of the spelling rules that go along with it. You’ll know how to teach it and will get every lesson you need to teach it effectively.

Module 5 – “When 2 vowels go walking, the first does the talking”. You’ll learn what this means and why it’s important when learning how to read and spell.

Module 6 – Always wanted to know what a diphthong is? Well, module 6 will introduce you to this syllable type and will provide you with everything you’ll need (ready-to-use lesson included!) to pass the knowledge on to your student!

Module 7 – Ever notice how the letter ‘r’ can make vowels do strange things? We’ll explain why and teach you how to explain it to your students in this module that covers r-controlled vowels.

Module 8 – In the final module, you’ll learn about the last syllable type, the consonant-le syllable. You will teach your student all about castles, puzzles and bubbles, or at least how to read and spell those words!

No requirement for Costly Pre-Testing

Many of our students have been diagnosed with learning difficulties and referred to us by psychologists, speech pathologists, school boards and health organizations. Unlike many programs, we do not subject our students to any further costly testing. The Aardvark Reading Program systematically teaches them to read, and our students are being evaluated by Certified Aardvark Tutors throughout the program. Students advance at their pace, making sure they are continually improving from a firm foundation through review and structured lessons that will build self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment.


At Aarken Tutoring Inc. we do not require you to sign any contract for our Aardvark Tutor Program. Tutors are not bound by any contract because we want to offer a no obligation experience which enables you to succeed. We are so confident in the program that we offer free trials, a 30-day money back guarantee and special arrangements for those who are encountering monetary hardship. Our goal is to help every student we can, no matter the circumstance. Just contact us and we will help.


  • Downloadable resources (worksheets, PDF guides, over 150 ready to use PDF lesson plans, etc.)
  • Direct email access to the course instructor
  • Monthly live webinars
  • Course completion certificate
  • Access to private group with other Aardvark Certified Tutors
  • FREE enrolment in the Profitable Tutor Framework

Your Instructor!

Sara Dorken – CEO Aarken Tutoring

Sara is a passionate tutor and online trainer who specializes in using the Orton-Gillingham (OG) approach while working with students with Dyslexia and any other learning differences. She has trained in many OG-based programs and has been certified to teach the OG approach from the Dyslexia Training Institute based out of the University of San Diego. Sara has helped develop the aardvark program and has made it unique by using her extensive background in sport and physical activity (M.A. Human Kinetics) to integrate movement in order to build physical literacy and traditional literacy in struggling students.


Why should I choose aardvark over other, more established programs?

Aardvark is the only program that integrates training in the Orton-Gillingham method, a full set of ready to use lessons, readers and extras all while using activities that build physical literacy while teaching dyslexic or struggling readers how to successfully read and spell. You’ll get a traditional OG program that’s also active, fun and effective!

Why should I open a tutoring clinic?

In many, many areas around the world, there are not enough resources to serve the over 20% of all people who have difficulty with reading and spelling. Your clinic will be part of the solution and will be well positioned to find clients. If you’re taking this course to help your own child, consider opening a clinic to help others too!

Can I use this in my classroom?

Yes! The background knowledge you will receive will be invaluable in helping the struggling readers in your classroom. If you are able to work with students 1-on-1 you can use the ready-to-use lesson plans and get started! You can even modify the lessons to work with small group of students!

How long will this training take?

Each module will take around 15-20 hours to complete. With all 9 modules it should take you about 180 hours. This course work can be done at your own pace, on your own time. Keep in mind that you can complete the Intro course and Module 1 and start with a student while you complete the other modules in your own time!

How long before I can open up a clinic and start helping students?

After you complete the Intro to aardvark course and Module 1, you can start working with students. You can begin the logistics of setting up your business anytime, even while working on the Intro module or even before that! Why not start today?

What if I am dyslexic? Can I still teach this course?


Yes! If you are dyslexic you are in the unique position of understanding the struggles of your students. Much of our content is video-based and our text-based content is accompanied by audio.


Initial purchase of the Aardvark Tutor Program includes the first year licensing fee of $50. This fee will be charged yearly thereafter.


  • Direct access to our instructors and technical support
  • Direct access to our members only Facebook group
  • Direct access to course updates (bi-yearly)

Still unsure if this is the right course for you? If in the first 30 days you are not satisfied with the course, you will receive a full refund.

Aarken Tutoring and The Tutor Coach Webinar:

More information about the Profitable Tutor Framework:

Profitable Tutor Framework

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